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Thursday, June 15

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Friday, June 16

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Screen printing workshop (by links im hof and velostyle) I Mobility AreaAntonia Lindenberg • Alexander Sonders Changing Social Media Strategies Change StageAlexander Rosenthal Exchange of experiences for founders - wearable technology for horsesLIMITED Mobility AreaEnri Strobel - Horse analytics Scuddy – Talk & Ride Mobility AreaScuddy Build Your Future City Future City SiteVictoria Bee • Michael Sebastian Haas Sustainable Design Education AreaHanna Sin Gebauer & Julia Hermesmeyer Keynote: How to build a startup-ecosystem - from scratch! Entrepreneurship Summit Area 1Uli Hausner • Daniel Cronin Food Revolution with Caté - Sustainable development for coffee cooperatives Bar stageBastian Muschke • Bastian Senger • Caté How to succeed with Kickstarter Gaming AreaJulian Strzoda Opening session of the New Work Area // How do we want to work? New Work Area 1Alexander Ohrt • Pedro Jardim • Ingrid Wernecke Why you should love Cold Acquistion Change StageOlaf Birkner How to build a time machine AR / VR StageBjörn Schmidt STARBOX product launch - An interactive nightly sky with Augmented RealityFILLING AR / VR PlaygroundMichael Haberbosch • WONDARPLAY • Christoph Hanke Webseiten in 3D Tech desksFrank Bartels Women Empowerment and Diversity Women*s EntrepreneursKonstanze Bittroff • Marie Delaperierre • Julia Hoffmann • Karina Kaas Steensen • Inga Wiele Zero Waste Women*s EntrepreneursMarie Delaperierre From Prototype to ProductionFULL Robotics AreaMarius Aabel Experience the in-car communication system by sonoware Mobility AreaStephan Senkbeil Build Your Future City Future City SiteVictoria Bee • Michael Sebastian Haas

12:00pm CEST

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6:00pm CEST

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